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*It was the middle of the day and MJ was home alone in her bedroom working on her art. She had no plans on going out today so she had on a Harley Quinn t-shirt, PJ shorts and she had her long brown hair up in a bun. She planned on getting a few pictures done and the first thing she decided to do was put her character Miss J into some peril at the hands of her fellow character Chloe but couldn't decide on how it should be done. She stared at the screen in deep thought, nibbling on a chocolate chip cookie she got from the plate on her desk. Suddenly her vision was obscured by a pair of hands covering her eyes form behind*

Women's Voice: Surprise!

*MJ Shrieked and pulled the hands away from her eyes as she stood up to face the person behind her*

MJ: Who the... what? No way...Miss J?

*The woman in front of her had on a light purple shirt, dark purple pants and green hair with purple highlights. She also had her face painted up just like her character*

Miss J: That's right, the one and only!

*MJ looked at the woman in shock, rubbing her eyes to make sure what she was seeing was real*

MJ: But how!? You're not real!

Miss J: I'm here by the power of magic. You wished really hard on that star and made your dreams come true!

MJ: What are you talking about? It's the middle of the day, there are no stars out and I never wished for you to be real.

Miss J: You didn't?

MJ: No.

Miss J: Well that's just mean, why the hell not? I thought we were close.

MJ: I'm sorry but... wait, why am I apologizing. You're not real!

Miss J: Well now you're just trying to hurt my feelings.

MJ: Oh my God, this isn't happening. What the hell were in those cookies?

Miss J: Great, there are cookies now and you didn't even ask if I wanted one? Some hostess you are.

MJ: I'm not a hostess, you broke into my house!

Miss J: Correction, I appeared in your house. Big difference.

MJ: That's crazy, people just don't appear out of thin air!

Miss J: Then explain me.

MJ: I... Uh...

Miss J: Exactly, you can't!

MJ: Fine, I don't know but there has to be a better explanation than magic!

Miss J: Well when you think of it let me know. Hey, can I ask you something?

MJ: What?

Miss J: What's with the mask?

MJ: What do you mean?

Miss J: You have a kitty mask on, it's not halloween, your home alone. Why? OHH, are you one of those crazy cat ladies? If there like 40 cats in your basement? Oh please tell me one's name is Mr. Whiskers!

MJ: No, there is not 40 cats in my basement. Don't be ridiculous!

Miss J: 30?

MJ: No.

Miss J: 25?

MJ: No cats! I just like the mask okay?

Miss J: Damn, I really wanted to meet Mr. Whiskers.

MJ: There is no Mr. Whiskers!

Miss J: With that attitude there will never be one.

*MJ Groaned in frustration*

MJ: Enough with the cats already, I don't even like cats!

*Miss J gasped*

Miss J: Liar!

MJ: Okay fine, I'm lying. I just want to change the subject to something a little more important.

Miss J: Like what?

MJ: Like how you're here right now!

Miss J: That's not important. What you should be asking is now that I'm here, what am I going to do?

*Miss J reached into her pocket and pulled out a roll of silver duct tape*

MJ: Whoa, what the heck do you think you're doing with that?

Miss J: You created me, what do you think!

MJ: No, wait.... Let's talk about this.... I'll give you the rest of the cookies!

*Miss J backed MJ into the corner*

Miss J: But I can tie you up and take the cookies anyway.

MJ: Oh... yeah. Good point. How about... MMMMPH!

*Miss J clasped her hand over MJ's mouth, holding her up against the wall. MJ looked at Miss J wide eyed, still trying to speak*

Miss J: Good kitty's should be seen and not heard.... Ew, did you just lick my hand!?

MJ: MmmHmm..

*She nodded*

Miss J: Gross! What did you think that was gonna do?

*MJ shrugged her shoulders*


Miss J: Stop being weird!

*Miss J turned MJ around so she was facing the wall, pressed up against it and started taping her hands behind her back*

MJ: Ouch! C'mon Miss J, knock it off! I don't want to be tied up.

Miss J: Aww how cute. You think you're feelings matter.

MJ: Well, they should!

Miss J: Really? Why's that?

*Miss J finished binding her wrists and turned her back around so they were face to face*

MJ: Because I am you're creator! That makes me your master, so obey me!

*Miss J burst out laughing*

Miss J: Oh that's good. You're a funny kitty.

*Miss J patted MJ on the head and MJ started stared back at her with a straight face*

Miss J: Oh, you're serious.

MJ: Of course I'm serious!

Miss J: Why so ser....

MJ: Don't you dare finish that sentence!

Miss J: Damn it, I always wanted to use that line!

MJ: C'mon Miss J, don't do this. I'll do whatever you want.

Miss J: Anything?

MJ: Yes!

Miss J: Okay fine. This is what I want from you...

MJ: Wait, no....MMMMPH!

*Miss J taped MJ's mouth shut*

Miss J: Silence!


*Miss J wrapped the tape around MJ's mouth, silencing her*

Miss J: My captives are always so much cuter when they're mumbling under a gag!


Miss J: Awww!

*Miss J kissed MJ's taped lips*

Miss J: You're adorable! I think Erika would really like you! Why couldn't you wish for Erika to be here too!?


Miss J: Yeah, yeah. Mumble, mumble.  Have a seat!

*Miss J made MJ sit down on the chair at her desk and taped her too it by wrapping tape around her body, she then taped her knees as well as her ankles. This left MJ Completely helpless and barely able to move*


*MJ struggled in the chair*

Miss J: Oh you're a frisky kitty, those are my favourite! They're so much more fun to play with!

*Miss J caressed MJ's breasts*


*This caused MJ to struggle even more*

Miss J: Hmm, I've always wanted a kitty before. I think I'm gonna make you my new pet and I will call you Mr. Whiskers!


Miss J: Yeah you're right, how stupid of me. Miss Whiskers!


Miss J: Now you be a good kitty while I go online shopping for my new pet!

*Miss J picked up MJ's laptop and had a seat on her bed*

Miss J: Let's see, you're gonna need a collar and I'm definitely gonna need a nice big red ball for you to chew on.


Miss J: Oh you're right! You'll need a sexy cat suit too!

*MJ groaned in frustration and kept struggling in the chair*

Miss J: Aww don't be upset kitty, I'm a great master! I've never heard any complaints. Might have been because they've all been gagged but I like to think positively. Hmm, let me get you out of those clothes and show you how good I can be but since you're all taped up I'll have to improvise!


*Miss J grabbed a pair of scissors off MJ's desk*

Miss J: Now I hope these clothes are you're favourite, I definitely know they're not expensive.


Miss J: Sorry, you still look cute though and I think you'll be even cuter once I cut them off you, now hold still! I don't want to accidentally injure my brand new pet!


*MJ pleaded with Miss J to stop but it all came out as adorable mumbling sound which were music it Miss J's ears. Miss J just cut into MJ's shirt when suddenly there a loud annoying beeping noise*

Miss J: Whoa, what the hell!?

*Miss J opened her eyes and sat up in bed, she looked around the room and saw no one else there but her girlfriend Erika laying beside her*

Erika: What is it J? What's wrong?

Miss J: I just had the weirdest dream. I dreamt that I wasn't real and I was just this imaginary person created by a cute girl in a kitty mask and her name was Miss Whiskers... or was it MJ... No I'm pretty sure it was Miss Whiskers.

Erika: Right... I told you not to eat before bed. It always gives you weird dreams.

Miss J: I tied her up and made her my pet and I was just about to play with her and then boom, I woke up thanks to this dumb alarm.

*Miss J grabbed the alarm clock and chucked it against the wall, breaking it into pieces*

Erika: C'mon J, that's the third clock this month!

Miss J: Well they should learn not to wake me up at the best parts of my dreams!

Erika: Just go tie someone up today, I'm sure that'll make you happy.

Miss J: Hmm, maybe you're right. That does always make me feel better.

*She reached under the bed and pulled out a roll of tape and looked at Erika with a big smile on her face. Erika looked back at her and sighed*

Erika: You're gonna tie me up, aren't you?

Miss J: That's what girlfriends are for, right?

Erika: Alright fine but don't leave me tied up so long this time. Four hours was way too much!

Miss J: No promises!

*Miss J began taping up her girlfriend in bed but couldn't get the dream of Miss Whiskers... I mean MJ, out of her head for the next few days*
Miss J and the cute kitty
This is a little story I wrote for :iconjokerismyname: 's contest. It's just mostly dialogue which is what I like to do but I gave it a shot and hope she at least likes it :) Normally I did things like this with a friend who supplied a picture to go off of so this is the first time I'm doing this on here on my own, hopefully I don't embarrass myself too much haha.


No journal entries yet.



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